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Henry rollins dating youtube

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My father has many positive traits: he is intelligent, hardworking, and caring, but he is socially awkward does not stand up for himself.

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I just pounced on that; I thought it was hilarious.

Many years later, when I was working on my book [], the guy who was helping me [David Peisner] reached out and interviewed Henry. His response was something like, “If I went and beat up everyone who talked badly about me then I’d be quite sore.” He had this great laid back attitude about not getting riled up, and once again, my respect for him went up even higher.

Henry Rollins is just a fucking impressive guy, man.

It seems like we just jumped in and went for a ride but there was actually a lot more to that whole experience.

He broke the Hummer driving it on this moto-cross track and I got a great tattoo [by director Jeff Tremaine].