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* * * Russia is looking at where the West is going, and don't like what they see. We are tired of having gay c*** thrown at us every day.
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In addition to prepping for their first-ever acoustic performance (as part of a special Grammy museum event on October 19th at L. "We've got all this stuff coming up, but I'm doing everything from home — it's nice and kind of chaotic at the same time." The Orange County metal band certainly has a lot going on at the moment.I feel very bad for this generation, and what they're given on a daily basis; I know everyone says that, but there's definitely something missing in a lot of the music today, and I think a lot of it has to do with not only the loudness war, but the sampling of the drums.There's no nuances to anything; everything's just so saturated and pushed into your face, you don't have any chance to get into the music and explore it. It's so funny; I scratch their backs before they go to bed every night, and our playlist is "Patience," "Knocking on Heaven's Door" and "Estranged," and by "Estranged," they're out. I put on "Sweating Bullets" the other day, and they were laughing about Dave Mustaine talking to himself, so that was pretty funny! One was going to be Bowser from Mario, though now he wants to be a Ninja, so we'll see. In a recent conversation with one of my favorite 11-year-olds, we were talking smack about glitter versus non-glitter (I really wanted to sport a t-shirt with glitter in the design and others did not want me to), but he taught me a valuable lesson – he said to the non-glitter fans, “Let a Barrett be a Barrett.” He went on to tell me, “You know, pink is my favorite color and I wear it proudly. It is ok to be weird.” That is courage, my friends. This is a gap that women can directly impact but it takes courage and stamina.

Kaitlin might be on to something, but I would take it a step further by including the men out there that are secure and supportive of the advancement of women in cybersecurity. My parting advice to Kaitlin, and any young female looking at STEM, was – Girl, get your geek on but make it all encompassing. Programming languages are a big deal, but the ability to write and communicate technical aspects to non-technical audiences is crucial for your cybersecurity survival kit.


I like the new Mastodon, and I'm still listening to the last Gojira record.

A.'s Clive Davis Theater) and an appearance at Linkin Park's Chester Bennington tribute concert on October 27th, A7X has also recently announced a month-long U. tour with openers Breaking Benjamin and Bullet For My Valentine, which kicks off January 12th in Nashville.

And if that wasn't enough to think about, Shadows and his bandmates — guitarists Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance, bassist Johnny Christ and drummer Brooks Wackerman — have been overseeing the new deluxe version of will include the album's 11 original tracks, along with four live concert recordings — "God Damn," "The Stage," "Paradigm" and "Sunny Disposition" — and "Dose," an original song recorded during the album's sessions.