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I can see a bit of blow back from gossip earlier this week that she was planning to get married in the fall, which her agency refuted immediately but a few days later has turned out to be true.I think agencies sometimes act on their own accord and honestly she’s hurt no one whether she admits or denies a wedding.On a side note, oy vey was the fashion so uninspiring and duller than usual even for K-ent awards show standards. Well,she's really cute there and tbh i didnt notice she played in oh my ghost! Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is my favorite korean drama of all time. It brought us laughter, showed us love, and entertained us from beginning till end! ♥ ♥ ♥ i love her so the most in and out beauty actress...fake, honest, pure and humble...always respect people and fans..i wish her success in career and most of all will get true soulmate who really love her.. -love from Morocco I know I fall for you since the very first movie, Hot Young Bloods. The producers of Oh My Ghost did the right thing by pairing her with Jo Jung Suk. Every act in Oh My Ghost seems so real, like a real couple.. I liked it but wouldn't watch it again like a 8/10 thing. I totally enjoyed watching all of your dramas, especially in 'Oh My Ghostess'. After watching A Werewolf Boy, I started searching for your other movies and as I browse, I found Oh my ghostess. When I talk about the 2017 K-ent wedding deluge it’s based on the weddings that have already happened but clearly the gods of matrimonial bliss are not yet done with the marriage ready Korean stars because there’s a surprising new add to the list.K-actress Lee Shi Young, fresh off the completion of her recent drama , has announced that she is getting married to her boyfriend at the end of September and the two are expecting their first child together. i am also a diehard fan of their previous team up and still wishing that the 2 of them will make it's either a movie or kdrama together... Park Bo young is indeed a young, talented and beautiful k actress... :) Bo Young unnie is a very very talented & cute actress!

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She became known for her role as the antagonist in MBC's weekend television drama series; Hwang Geum-ran from Twinkle Twinkle (2011) and Yeon Min-jung from Jang Bo-ri is Here! The latter also eventually propelled the actress to stardom.

you looks very should be light up the stage with colourful and beautiful dresses ? you is young and needs to explore your appearance, to be honest with yourpresent appearance . Even as time passes by, your beauty is still the same.

you looks boring compared to the artist of your almost look like a nun or sister in convent in that black dress.'m sorry to say this, just because I really like you.

she can fully reach her potential in every acting role she has. Aside from Kim So Hyun she is the next celebrity I love. I wish you will become Big 3 network leading lady soon with a good drama. You were so good together with LJS in Hot young bloods. Im looking forward to her next drama she can do kissing scenes and maybe a more passionate scenes. Ive watch her movie with SJK and twas really good movie.

Hope she can try different kind of characters to showcase her acting. I didn't even know who she was until I watched oh my ghost and after I finished watching it I fell in love with her and I stop thinking about how fabulous her acting is. when I first saw her in oh my ghostess i thought she was in her early twenties. i hope and wish she could have alot of projects especially korean drama she suits being on a comedy leading lady role.. More than your all previous movies, Oh my ghost, just only one drama makes you shine a lot and you are getting a lot of fans because of it. Shes so pretty and damn shes good at acting as well.