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It's a little weird at first, trusting a computer algorithm to pair you off.

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To all appearances a large holiday retreat, the Berghof was often used by Hitler for important conferences, including that with Austrian chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg in February 1938, compelling him to accept Anschluss, and the meeting with Britain’s prime minister Neville Chamberlain in September 1938, in which Hitler presented his demands with regard to Czechoslovakia.

A network of bunkers and air raid shelters existed under the Berghof, and a private elevator, its shaft cut through solid rock, connected it with Hitler’s sanctum sanctorum, “Eagle’s Nest,” at the very top of the mountain.

Although not in Germany and thus outside the stated scope of this site, it's nearby in Hagenau, Bergheim bei Salzburg in Austria.

The eagle had been on the footings of the Autobahn bridge next to the bike path and has now been recently obliterated after 71 years.

Smith appeared in a number of mainstream Hollywood films and B movies before settling into the world of softcore pornography. Although Smith officially performs only in softcore films, she does appear in a series of hardcore videos that were made privately in the 1990s but were later released commercially by Purrfect Productions.

Poised on a sphere, the nude figure actually maintains his Hitler salute whilst holding the Olympic flame carried to the Games from Olympia for the first time in 1936.

Regarding the “Arisierung” of Jewish property, the fiscal authority located here played a key role.

After 1945 it was found that 1,589 Munich properties had been confiscated by this office.

Herrsching am Ammersee on the east shore of the Ammersee southwest of Munich is usually the starting point of trips to Andechs Abbey.

This, one of the most impressive Nazi eagles remaining in Germany, is found on the façade of the former Reichsfinanzschule.